Dirty-Good by Evie Bliss


Dirty-Good Complete (Parts 1-7)

Beta-readers call it scorching-hot, cerebrally sexy, and a geeky blend of steamy romance and smart discourse told in a fresh, new voice.

Dungeon Dan is disillusioned with the purely physical, while diligent Debbie seeks wicked sensuality to complement her rich inner life. When smoking-hot Dan promises desires beyond Deb’s imagining, how far will she go to fulfil her yearning for excitement? And will she thank him for liberating this new side of her, or resent him pulling the blinders from her eyes?

Thoughtful, wickedly creative, and brimming with metaphor and symbolism, this well-crafted novel uses evocative imagery to weave a lush, intelligent, steamy tale that’s not for the faint-hearted.

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The S'expert by Evie Bliss


The S’expert

“The best night of sex ever! Is that too much to ask?” Mandy ponders to herself in a crowded inner-city pub.

Mandy needs a night of mindless, no-strings-attached, high-octane, horizontal heat. But one can’t escape one’s inner nature – or in Mandy’s case her high IQ! Drawn to brains as well as brawn in a worthy bedroom sparring partner, she needs to find that elusive package that contains both an intellect to match her own, and an appetite for steamy abandon that’s downright debaucherous.

Get set for a no-holds-barred, dirty-talking, detailed, cerebral sexcapade of a relationship on the cusp of creation. Fall in love with Mandy as she falls head over heels for ‘The S’expert’ in an astounding, pants-saturating, brain-feeding, life-affirming spectacle.

(Accolades: Originally published as ‘The Violin’s Puppeteer’, this 27,000 word erotic romance came second in the novella section of the BDSM Writers Con 2016 Golden Flogger Awards.)

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Project Career Detonate by Evie Bliss


Project Career Detonate

Love among movie mayhem! Seventy-four international cast and crew gather on location to film a swashbuckling American-funded movie, set among the drug smuggling colonial settlements of the Malacca Straits circa 1825. Egos bigger than Ben Hur are dwarfed only by the size of paranoid neuroses that abound.

Tash Tremaine’s problems escalate three-fold when the last-minute replacement for her on-screen love interest turns out to be Hollywood Heartthrob Gerald Fortiscue — the man who broke her heart years earlier when they were struggling theatre students.

Gerald Fortiscue is ready to catch a break. His last two movies — with scripts as interesting as roll call at a nursing home — were box-office stinkers, and he’s tired of his muscles receiving better write-ups than his acting. To make matters worse, the tabloids insist he’s deserted his wife to run off with a starlet. When an offer comes to escape the craziness of Tinseltown rebuilding his reputation with an international collaboration of artistic integrity, Gerry jumps at the chance — even though he’ll be working opposite the woman he left behind eight years ago.

Filled with humor and heart, this is a smart contemporary romance of 65,000 words, set among the lovable eccentrics of a larger-than-life filmmaking world.

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