In an old house close enough to walk to the Pacific Ocean in coastal Australia, Evie Bliss writes sumptuously descriptive, insightful stories that are a little cooky, a little cerebral and a whole lot of sexy.

Evie firmly believes in the need for authors of intelligent erotic romance; fresh, lush tales that contain both thoughtful perception, as well as scorching-hot steam. An audience of higher-IQ readers are longing for tales containing not only high-octane sex scenes, but also depth and literary merit. Where are the Anais Nins of the 21st Century? Come out and write with us!

So if you like the odd metaphor; if you’re ready for a dose of cerebral sex with a smattering of the literary; and if you’re looking for something to feed your mind as well as your body, you’re exactly where you need to be. ‘Smart Smut’ has arrived!

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Happy reading!